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January 22nd, 2008

Frank Furt Cut`n`Paste
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Richard und Ronny

Frank and Furt are are the perfect mis-match, if there´s ever been one.
Frank, aka Richard Kersten is a veteran musician from the sixties, while Furt, aka Ronson Jonson, is a child of the Grunge and Hip Hop generation.
Richard was born in Newcastle upon Tyne to an English mother and a German father and was uprooted to Frankfurt am Main,Germany when he was eleven. Having spent the sixties playing the hits of the Beat era, he recorded his first LP with GALAXY , aka WANIYETULA:”Nature´s Clear Well”(Breeze Music), a nod in the direction of Prog Rock.
After taking a degree in teaching, he formed one of the first tribute bands in the world:The BEATLES REVIVAL BAND.(Teldec) After a four year stint in this still existing formation, he left to record pop singles with a band called THANX, which lead to a solo LP deal with Ralph Siegel: ENSENADA AMIGA (Jupiter) A second Solo LP COMPUTER HABEN HERZSCHMERZ REK I( ) followed.
This was all before Ronson was even born…. but he soon caught up!
While Richard was still working with 4 track tape machines, Ronson was already into computer recording. Although originally inspired by Grunge, Ronson quickly broadened his musical outlook, while continuing to write and record songs,play in bands and engineer live gigs.
Meanwhile, Richard embarked on a career as an English trainer for German business people in an organisation called GIT Seminare.Here he spotted the need for better post seminar audio material and spent the following years developing a methode of learning English with the help of pop music.After having recorded well over 200 CDs in his budding home recording facilities,upgrading to Atari + two ADATs, then the Mac G3 with Audio Logic ,two things became clear:Now he could write songs, but he needed technical support.
Enter Marcus Darius, producer,drummer and studio verteran in Frankfurt.Together they produced a CD BEATLES KUT ÄND PEIST under the name Of FRANK FURT CUT´n`PASTE (Soon on CD Baby).Marcus,the original “Furt” was a huge kick in the ass for Richard´s production skills.However, Marcus,being heavily involved with SHANTEL`S BOCOVINA CLUB productions( in addition to live gigs ) couldn´t invest full time in further projects, and although still linked, has relinquished his role to Ronson ,meanwhile a student of Music at the University of Frankfurt.
With a growing stockpile of more than 600 songs, mostly written by Richard and arranged by Ronson, they´ve by now well and truly nailed the art of songwriting.
As menbers of TAXI,the world´s greatest A+R companies, they send in a constant stream of offerings, which are frequently forwarded.
They are constantly on the lookout for new vocal talents for their songs,both male and female.
In addition, the nucleus is augmented by further contributors, among them: Christian Engel (drummer for Beatles Reivival) with further production skills.And the queues are getting longer.
Check them out!

3 Responses to “About us”

  1. Aaron Kupferberg on August 16, 2009 6:41 am

    You’ve been reviewed on http://www.powerpopaholic.com

  2. Ruud on July 5, 2010 6:50 pm

    Hallo Richard
    I’m looking for your fabulous CD - Ensenada Amiga.
    Is there a CD by the way? I’ve heard your LP a long, long time ago and I was totally surprised by all of your songs! I love them all. When I see the titles I still now how the songs go.
    Of course your LP wasn’t able to play anymore so now I want the CD. Do you know where I can buy it?
    Hope to hear from you soon. I also visited the clip on YouTube. Too bad the sound isn’t that good.

  3. Michael Adler on March 14, 2012 2:32 pm

    Hallo Herr Kersten

    Sie werden sich nicht an mich erinnern.
    Ich war in den 70ern als Schüler in der Schlossplatzschule in Hanau und hatte damals einen sympatischen Lehramtsanwärter, der uns besser unterrichtete als unsere Lehrerin.
    Schon damals war aber zu erkennen das ihnen der Job als Lehrer nicht liegt.
    Mir tat es etwas leid als ich vernahm das sie sich von der Beatles Revival Band trennten.

    Viele Grüsse und weitere Erfolge in der Musikszene wünscht Ihnen

    Michael Adler

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