Taxi Reviews

January 30th, 2009

Really enthusiastic ,upbeat melodies throughout the track

Solid song crafting and emotional vocal performances

Richard, you have a great feel for writing

Love the vibe,the groove and the lyric.Cool song!

 You know,I´ve got to be honest.I crave for even more of your own unique personality to surface in the narrative.Everything you´ve written seems relatable, and the narrative feels very cohesive.

Fun lyric, unique theme,cleverly written and great vocal performance.You´ve melded the more absurd with the plausible to come up with a really unique infectious lyric melody combination.Nice work Richard!

Each of these songs really does capture the spirit and the vibe of mid 60´s era music.I can´t imagine a more fitting submission for his particular listing

The songs have a good flow,Richard